Debbie Tanner.
(Olympic Triathlete)

As a Olympic Triathlete we are constantly pushing our bodies to the limit and like many sports we are prone to injury.  In 2007 I put major tears through my calfs and constantly struggled in getting them back to 100% I had all sorts of treatment and nothing seemed to work. I was then recommend to see George Duncan, this was the turning point for me and George and I worked together to get my legs back to 100%.


Lisa Carrington.

(Olympic Champion – K1 -200m)

“Danelle is a great massage therapist with the ability to loosen off and ease tight muscles. Danelle is professional yet personable and I have no hesitation in recommending her”



Sarah Giltrap
(Manager of the NHL Auckland Women’s Hockey Team)

Danelle worked as the muscle therapist for the Auckland Women’s
National Hockey League Team during tournament week in 2012.

Her role involved helping the physio with injury management, as well as general
flush outs and maintenance.

Danelle is extremely competent in her field, has a high work ethic and was
always on time. She was very valuable in a team environment, as she slotted in
to an established team seamlessly, was always positive and got along with
everyone. We had a number of national players (NZ Blacksticks) in our team
and they all thought she was excellent.
The added advantage was Danelle’s high level sports background; this meant she
had a better understanding of not only the stiffness/soreness or injury but also
the mental side of the situation with the players.

I would have no hesitation in recommending her, and would be more than
happy to provide a verbal reference.



Brian Minto (Fight For Life and International USA Boxer)

Danelle, I’d like to let the kiwi people know that if they need a great sports massage…they should contact you! You where a great asset to my training camp while I was in New Zealand. So I highly recommend any athlete or hard working person that Danelle is very good at her job. Thanks Danelle!



Tristan Adams
(Part time actor and model at Extras of Sydney)

“Danelle was my Muscle Therapist on a weekly basis in my build-up to the 2007
Ironman New Zealand. She was so good at her getting me in tip top shape each
week and without a doubt this was my favourite session each week. Easy to
talk to but seriously good at her job made for an ideal mix and I am sure I
wouldn’t have enjoyed the results in my races I did without her help”



Ben Skeen
(Form 5 Dean, Master I/C Leadership Programmes at Auckland Grammar School)

“Having used Danelle for several years she comes with my highest
recommendation. Her assistance in prehab and rehab muscle therapy has been
invaluable in keeping me physically able to meet the demands of high
performance rugby refereeing.



Cameron Harper
(Business Manager at Brand World)

“Danelle is an absolute expert in her field. I have been to see her with various
injuries over the years along with general muscle maintenance. Danelle has
treated me every time with an explained diagnosis, great treatment and an
on going plan to keep on the road. Highly recommended.



Rick Johnston
(Owner, Johnston Associates)

“I have been a client of Danelle’s for years and continue to be a customer….what
more can i say!! I always get the results i am looking for, and find my personal
well being is better for the experience.